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About us

    Chaozhou Zhong Jing Ceramics Co., Ltd. is the infiltration of European fashion culture, technology and enjoy the arts and humanities, established large-scale professional manufacturer toiletries. European and American companies with industry-leading technology and modern management mode and carry out business, now formed a collective leisure sanitary ware, ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom cabinet, faucet hardware manufacturing, marketing and service in one of the strong advantages, it has a strategy, and steps into large-scale, high-level international sanitary high-end market.

    Chaozhou Zhong Jing Ceramics Co., Ltd. which is geared to the city sanitary living, and the European bathing culture, humanities Grand Momentum close together, all along insisted on the "art / life. Zero" interpretation of the brand content, adhering to strict international brand detailed "excellent, accurate" culture, with artistic highlight trends and classic, created by the expression of respect for life, with both "water culture" interpretation of the city bathroom experience.